Awning & Screen Cleaning & Maintenance

Your service will include:
  • A thorough deep cleaning of top of all awnings
  • Heavy rinsing
  • Application of protectant
  • Rinsing area after service
  • Squeegee windows (upon request)
Additional Services:
  • Solar screen cleaning & conditioning
  • Patio shades & curtain cleaning
  • Outdoor furniture cleaning
Vinyl Owning Over an Apartment Patio —
Why should I clean my awnings?
Awning maintenance is very important and vital to preserving your investment. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule can add years to the life of your awnings. Most awning fabric manufacturers recommend cleaning the fabric every 6 months.

A simple rinse with a water hose will not and can not remove the dirt and build up on your awnings caused by everyday atmospheric conditions.

The cost to recover your awnings can cost much more than several years of maintenance cost.
  1. REMOVE deeply embedded soil, grime and pollution!
  2. REVITALIZE the appearance of even badly neglected awnings!
  3. RESTORE to the original colorful awning it once was!
  4. REPLACE plasticizers and protectants!
  5. EXTEND life expectancy!
  6. RECREATE the image you originally had for your home or business!
  7. INCREASE resistance to damaging environmental elements!
  8. ENHANCE advertising value and effectiveness!
  9. REDUCE facing and color loss!
  10. Have you seen the REPLACEMENT COST of a new one???
Tucson Awning & Screen LLC has been serving “The Old Pueblo” since 1971. We are competitive yet committed to excellence because we really do care. In this age of declining personal service, we have an advantage, considering our reputation of providing quality products, excellent service, and a guarantee that we honor with pride. We understand that a satisfied customer is our best advertisement.
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